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Multipool that pays in Auroracoin

Spjallþræðir varðandi verðlaun fyrir verkefni tengd Auroracoin
- Posts and discussion about bounties related to Auroracoin

by Skarfurinn » 10 Dec 2014 23:21

I will pay 5.000 Auroracoin to anyone who can sent up a multipool that has at least the following specifications and then 1.000 aur a month for the first 5 months the pool is running (and usable).

Users should be able to mine in this multipool with the most common algorithms like X11, X13, Neoscrypt and scrypt or SHA256 (Depending on what algo Auroracoin will be using) excluding the algorithm that Auroracoin is using, be it scrypt or SHA256.

The multipools function would be to select the most profitable coin on the market for each of the supported algo's (based on API's from the biggest altcoin exchanges) and mine those coins while they are profitable and sellable on the exchanges. Then sell the coins for Bitcoin, Litecoin or whatever is most suitable then buy Auroracoin from the market (Either a fixed market that generally has the highest Auroracoin value or be able to select from multiple markets and find the cheapest purchase).

Then the market pays it's users once a day or when a minimum amount is reached in Auroracoin.

So this should give users that don't have dedicated expensive mining equipment the chance to mine and get paid in Auroracoin and during the process help strengthen the coin on the market.
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