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Forum tipping plugin

Umræður um verkefni tengd Auroracoin
- Discussion regarding Auroracoin related projects

by Bimmerhead » 20 Jan 2015 02:12

I think the next project I'm going to get working on is a plugin for vBulletin, SMF and maybe phpBB that allows one user to tip another for making an excellent post in a forum.

I'd like to get a fulsome list of Icelandic forums that this could be marketed to. If you know of any I've missed, please add them to my list:

http://spjall.vaktin.is/ vB
http://www.malefnin.com/ib/ IB
http://www.taflan.org/ phpBB
http://www.jeppaspjall.is/ phpBB
http://www.islandrover.is/spjall/ phpbb
http://jsl210.com/spjall/ phpbb
http://spjall.skyttur.is/ phpbb
http://www.tritla.is/forum/index.php phpbb
http://www.tilvera.is/spjall/ phpbb
http://spjall.blyfotur.is/ phpbb
http://www.sbki.is/spjall/ phpbb
http://spjall.kruser.is/index.php phpbb
http://oldtractors-spjall.123.is/index.php phpbb
http://mbclub.is/spjall/ phpbb
http://www.bmwkraftur.is/spjall/index.php phpbb

http://www.mjolnir.is/spjall/index.php SMF
http://spjall.kvartmila.is/ SMF
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by Skarfurinn » 20 Jan 2015 09:26

Seems to be using Concrete5 CMS with a discussion plugin though

This is the biggest forum in Iceland but I think they have made the forum from scratch. Maybe we can have a similar bot like the doge reddit bot?

I saw that you have spjall.vaktin.is listed as vB but they are phpBB and that is a place that is actually likely to use the plugin as it is a forum for computer nerds, they also have crypto threads though not much activity at the moment.
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by Bimmerhead » 18 Feb 2015 01:59

The bland.is tipping bot is nearing completion. If you would like a sneak peek, the overview page is here:


There is some translation work associated with this project as well, if anyone is interested in helping.
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