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Umræður um Auroracoin tæknina og tengdum hugbúnaði
- Technical discussion about Auroracoin software and the network in general

by Bimmerhead » 26 Jan 2016 16:15

This would be a useful feature, and its already been built and open-sourced:

http://cointelegraph.com/news/coinspark ... -coinspark

I like that you can send not just text, but an invoice, and it remains invisible to the wider world but is "authenticatable" in the blockchain.

Perhaps by adding advanced features like this we can garner extra attention in the wider crypto world.
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by Skarfurinn » 28 Jan 2016 10:37

I like this idea.

Being able to send receipt to clients though the blockchain would be very beneficial. You could create a simple protocol for the format needed for all typical information that you would normally have on a receipt. That way anyone could write an extension to their software that sends the receipt and the receiver would get all receipts in the universal format that his wallet presents to him regardless of who sent it to him.

There is however cost of doing this for the merchant but it would be the minimal amount allowed to be sent, like 0.0001 AUR so I don't think it's a thing worth for discussion now while the prices are so low or that it would ever become an issue.
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