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To merge-mine or not to merge-mine

Umræður um Auroracoin tæknina og tengdum hugbúnaði
- Technical discussion about Auroracoin software and the network in general

by Bimmerhead » 06 Dec 2014 04:17

Picking up on the discussion from the Facebook page, let's continue to flush out the idea of merged-mining.

There seems to be some support for the idea. But how to go about it?

What coin(s) to merge-mine with? Litecoin or bitcoin?

Or go an entirely different route via blockstream or ethereum?

How can we push the foundation to make a decision on this sooner rather than later? As long as this question is up in the air it will have the effect of discouraging development of wallets, pos services, etc.
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by LTEX » 06 Dec 2014 07:10

Personally I'm all in for merged mining. It takes away the trouble of maintaining a secure blockchain depending on dedicated miners. There are too much auto-switching multipools out there to undermine any effort taken by a dedicated community of miners.

Merged mining is a good solution to that problem, however, it also asks for some dependency towards other communities. This involves planning and politics I'm afraid. It might also turn out to be a rather expensive choice if solutions like Ethereum are considered.

Do we have some input from operators yet?
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by Skarfurinn » 06 Dec 2014 11:53

I have been looking at this a bit.

I got an invitation from a member of the ethereum dev group to arrange a call so we can discuss properly the options to migrate Auroracoin to the ethereum network. I haven't had time for that yet but I will in the next days.

My feeling here is that there are some possibilities out there but that they are not mature enough to really jump on that wagon. I suspect that we will end up by following either Bitcoin or Litecoin for a while. What we need to do is to consider the cost of supporting the network development.

Migrating to ethereum does have it's cost as we will need development to make that happen and it wont just stop there as we will need all sorts of development on the ethereum network for all the tools we need for the coin. Also the ethereum network runs on their own resource called ether and we would need ether to run the network. That will also bring some cost. I don't know the details yet on how that works (didn't fully read the WP :oops: ) though.

Updating the code to either Bitcoin or Litecoin (or any properly supported scrypt coin) will have some cost for us as well. It will cost to get some dev's on board there and help with the upgrade and possibly the maintenance in the future. On top of this we would need to provide some basic tools for other developers to interact easily with Auroracoin.

What we really need now is some coders on board with us. There are a couple I know of that might be able to help but I'm having a hard time reaching them. Do you guys know of any good developers that might want to support the coin or would at least be for hire?
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by Bimmerhead » 26 Dec 2014 17:22

I'd like to keep the merge-mining discussion going so it doesn't fall by the wayside.

WHO: Ultimately, who can make this decision? Do we have to wait for the foundation? Can we expect them to act in a timely manner?
WHAT: What coin(s) are we going to merge-mine with? Bitcoin would obviously be the most secure, but would Litecoin/Dogecoin be an easier transition? And for our purposes, aren't they secure enough?
WHEN: I think we want to do this sooner rather than later. Auroracoin usage is pretty well as low as we would want it to go, which means the fewest people who would have to participate in the hard fork. So on this basis it seems we want to move now.
HOW: How do we make the code changes necessary? Are Joiblumen and Nite69 capable of doing this? If so, what does it take to get them working on it? Or do we try to get developer support elsewhere, perhaps from other crypto-currency projects (Pesetacoin, eDeutschemark, White coin all look to still be alive and maybe would appreciate either being paid, or working co-operatively with us for mutual benefit).

Let's discuss this and develop a roadmap to get this issue resolved.
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