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mobile wallet?

Umræður um Auroracoin tæknina og tengdum hugbúnaði
- Technical discussion about Auroracoin software and the network in general

by Polarbear » 16 Dec 2015 21:20

are there any news regarding mobile wallet for android?

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by Dinobotta » 17 Dec 2015 11:40

Hi, Polarbear

There was an Android wallet that worked fine for a while, https://github.com/JoiBlumen/Auroracoin-android-wallet. About 6 months ago I noticed it was not any longer on the Android Play store and later I started experiencing bugs when scanning QR codes with it.

The dev team has had this on it's plate now for a few months and are working on it.

The dev team also produced an iPhone app, that worked like a charm but Apple has some issues with accepting it into the app store. What is being discussed now are cross platform wallets for Auroracoin. Hopefully we will have a solution for mobile apps soon.
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by Skarfurinn » 17 Dec 2015 11:44

We would have published the wallet by now but there is a major code update around the corner so if we would publish the Android wallet now it would require an update after the new code would be released. So we want to push out the code update first so people won't have an outdated wallet right away.

I can't give an exact date to when the new code will be released but it will be soon that's for sure. A solution for Android will be released soon after.
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