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Sad situation over at Cryptsy

Almenn umræða um allt sem tengist Auroracoin
- General discussion about the Auroracoin ecosystem

by Bimmerhead » 15 Jan 2016 14:55


It'll be tough to come back from that. Probably a pile of Auroracoin locked in over there too. Will be interesting to see if that has a greater impact on the supply of AUR, or the demand for AUR.
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by Dinobotta » 16 Jan 2016 00:41

Anyone have an idea of how many coins are locked up there?

Aren't also some coins locked up in old Mintpal wallets?
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by BioMike » 04 Feb 2016 22:44

No idea, but many coins were transferred off in the past few months, so my guess is not too many.
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