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Almenn umræða um allt sem tengist Auroracoin
- General discussion about the Auroracoin ecosystem

by BioMike » 27 Sep 2015 12:17

One of the posts on BCT made clear to me that our communication channels to the outside have been lacking.

Currently we have:
- BitcoinTalk forum
- Auroraspjall
- The auroracoin.is and aurarad.is websites
- The twitter account https://twitter.com/aurfoundation also seems to belong to Auraráð, but hasn't been used.

The one thing that is missing is a FB account, the most logical ones already taken and not updated for over a year (The same counts for many logical Twitter accounts, but the one we have should suffice.

We need some improvement in these things when we want to get somewhere. The majority of wallets is still using the old wallet, which shows that things should improve a lot in communicating to inform the users about new things.

How about Reddit? https://www.reddit.com/r/auroracoin
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by Soltantgris » 08 Dec 2015 15:50

@OfficialAUR = Official twitter account. Announcements, link sharing.

@CoinAurora = Official ''fan'' account. RT Auroracoin related entry, share news, interact when appropriate.

REDDIT : Outdated informations. Need to be fixed.

FB : Auroracoin and Auroracoins. One for international, the other for Iceland. Not sure who handle mostly.

Wikipedia : A positive update after the exchange opening would be a must.

MoBuiNet : New plateforme, startup in it's 2nd funding phase. Have potential. Anyone can register and connect to the Auroracoin page. Marketplace AURORACOIN and Iceland dedicated to come. http://mobuinet.com/entities/auroracoin/about

auroracoin.com : Jewel domain untouched.

Instagram - Linkedit : Nothing that I know. Iceland is a beautiful place - 2M tourists a year, I wonder if having an AUR instagram would be a good idea, targetting mostly travellers. May help later on. I may take care with some help (would need some pics from Foundation members, or simply from icelanders sharing cool stuff).
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