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Ditching testnet

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by BioMike » 12 May 2016 13:45

The wallet code contains not only code for the normal Auroracoin network and block chain, but also support for a testnet (and a regnet for regression testing).

This net can be used for testing purposes and contains many changes in the code to make testing easier to perform (e.g. changes to difficulty calculation). This sounds useful, but in practice it (1) makes the code a lot more messier and (2) with all the changes to the workings, one could argue that it really not tests things, e.g. a testnet specific change in the workings could fail to detect an issue if it would arise.

We discussed in the development team to ditch the code for testnet (and regnet), but I would like to know if there any objections from the community. One dev member said there are few people who objected (and the reasons he mentioned were not that convincing to me), so I would like to start the discussion as to why.
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