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Eth Classic

Ef þú vilt ræða um aðrar rafmyntir þá er þetta rétti staðurinn til þess
- If you want to discuss other cryptocurrencies, then this would be the place to do it

by eth classic » 07 Aug 2016 22:58

after the hard fork i chose to jump on the eth classic band wagon,more from principal than anything and i put quite abit of cash in very early . what do you guys think about etc and do you think its a long term investment or just another pump and dump coin like so many other crypto currencies already ?
eth classic
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by Bimmerhead » 08 Aug 2016 10:47

I think it is terrific how well it is doing in terms of market cap. However I'm not aware of a large movement of developers to the platform so I don't see how it can survive long term. Maybe you know more about that part of it?
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