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The big Auroracoin market price topic

Umræður og vangaveltur varðandi markaðinn og verðið á Auroracoin
- Discussion and speculation about Auroracoins price and market growth

by BioMike » 20 May 2015 10:21

Free discussion/speculation about the market price.

Looks like the price got a bit hit last night.
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by Soltantgris » 20 May 2015 15:42

Traders taking profits - new people getting some - for me each time price fall, its a buying opportunity, and each time it move up, it's quick quick buying opportunity.

(-------------------------don't care price :P
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by odin » 20 May 2015 17:34

Would anyone like to start an international auroracoin brockerage with one website and many agents around the world selling auroracoin and a professional presentation to potential investors
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by LTEX » 20 May 2015 17:35

To the MOON!!!!!! (someone eventually had to write it :D )
A fool will only look at the finger, even if it points to paradise!
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by ukaurora » 26 Jul 2015 03:24

onwards to planet kepler :D
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